my dreams

1) I was able to give blood and that made me happy, because my iron count rose and it didn't hurt at all.
2) I was mad at 2 siblings because they were being incestual, and I caused a big scene about it. (This dream brought to you by...Watching the episode of LOST about Boone & Shannon being (step)incestual lovers
3) I was screaming and crying to my parents that I didn't want to go to church, and they threatened to ground me because of it. I've never screamed so loud in a dream but I don't know. I haven't been to church in 4 years.


I forgot how to live


Jenni : "Today, my soccer team got our warm up t-shirts that say "You can hit on us, but you can't score." After the game, a guy behind my friend asks, "Hey what does the front of your shirt say?" I replied for her, "You can hit on us." He looked at me and my friend and said, "No thanks." FML"
Jenni : uhh
Jenni : i just made a shirt at work that said that
Alex : hahaha
Alex : you contributed to some girls' FML
Jenni : what are the odds?!
Alex : you should start a website
Alex :
Alex : my life rules
Alex : and just say how you contributed to other people's FML

bored as the dickens

I'm at work and I'm bored.
I also have a cold.

This weekend was awesome, though. I went down to Baltimore with Dennis, Hayley and Doug. We had a pretty awesome car ride and supported our local pioneers. When we got down to the Ottobar, not many people were there yet. 4 of us took a walk around Baltimore and it was just a lot of apartments and roads. We found a lovely vegan place to eat and it was actually pretty good. After that we went back to the parking lot and hung around outside because we didn't want to go in. Finally we went in, and hung around there for awhile. The floor was dirty and everyone who I wanted to be there was there. Inferno played an okay set. To cut it short, Sam stagedove and they mistook Sam for Dennis. Dennis was kicked out but got back in. Sam changed shirts with Frank and then Frank stagedove. They thought it was Sam doing it for the second time but it was not Sam. So then during the show, Dan and Frank got picked up by the cops for sayin shit. This was a problem after the show because we had no idea where they went. We finally figured it out and then drove back up to philly, with them still in Central Booking. Got to Ryan's house around 4 or 5? Didn't sleep til 6. In the morning we all got up and left. Me Dennis Hayley Doug and Sam went to Sonic to get cherry lime-ades. Then me and dennis got dropped back off at Menlo Park Mall.
I went home and slept for as much as I could and then Dennis and Pam picked me up to go to Red Bank. Took the convertible down the parkway on a hot day and it was awesome. We got there JUST in time. I enjoyed Inferno's set more than then night before. Waltzed with Sam, then it was over. Me and Pam went outside to get my water in the car and everyone went down to the docks. It's a good thing we went to the car because the cops came to the private docks and starting taking down everyones names. Dennis got away so we hung out until people were free to go. Hung around Red Bank a little longer and then drove to Applebee's. Had food with a few people there, and then I went home and passed out.
So the weekend had it's ups and downs, a few people like Dan and Dave couldn't come to Red Bank because Dan was in trouble and Dan was Dave's ride. So basically I was going to have people over to crash but the cops ruined that plan. I guess it was good though, I needed the sleep and had more time to get enough. I worked on Sunday and it was mass chaos in 95 degree weather.
The weather is warm though, and I'm glad. Pool is open but I have yet to go swimming.



journal entry circa 3rd grade:

"We can make the world more peaceful by stopping forest fires"